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re bds post on not needing academic shit to have

re: BD’s post on not needing academic shit to have her thoughts.

i’ve said before that i’m generally comforted to read stuff other people

write that is similar or confirms my own feelings and intuitions. because

i do believe in a shared reality. and it grounds me to know that i’m not

the only person who feels this way.

and you know what the greatest thing about tumblr and stuff liekk this is?

the fact that i don’t have to seek this confirmation in generally

inaccessible, dry academic works.

i can directly talk to other people. we can share our thoughts and

feelings. and circumvent the gatekeeping/knowledge production of academia

because. yeah. i don’t doubt bell hooks is awesome (momentarily

discounting the trans critiques i’ve seen). but i’d rather read BD. her

stuff is immediate and i rarely have to strain to understand what she is


this is also what is most awesome about having something like

genderessence. because. as much as the pro-injustice people have made fun

of me for ‘making up a tumblr sj term’

it has already served its purpose.

my conversations here have been worth a thousand hours of sitting in a

class reading/discussing shit