i dream of being possible

random thought

i do find it super interesting

how theories of ‘anti-asian” as a way to mark the unique experiences of

racial oppression experienced by Asians

has arisen

despite the fact that we already have an entire discourse focused on this

(ie, Orientalism)

insofar that we are inclined to buy into Andrea Smith”s notion that white

supremacy has three logics: slavery, Indigenous genocide, and Orientalism (and, at this point, I see no reason to doubt this formulation of how white supremacy operates)

not availing ourselves of the body of work, theory, and discourse that was actually created by and for us

instead attempting to shoehorn ourselves into a discourse created by and for Black ppl

really is (as Strugg has said) anti-Blackness

grasping at straws that don”t belong to use, when we already have a handful