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random thought on homo nationalism

suddenly wishing

with all the recent stuff i’ve heard recently about homonationalism

that we also were hearing about the necessary corollary of that:


because. this also matters.

with all the white cis gays boycotting vodka right now

and pushing things like gay marriage on an international scale

despite (for example) Fa’afafine rejecting it and Malaysian activists outright saying marriage won’t solve anything for them


can anyone tell me why marriage is even a blip on the radar in countries like that? Samoa just this year decriminalized dressing up as a woman. Like. Fa’afafine are a recognized part of their culture and only this year are they removing a colonial era law that treated them like criminals.

why is anyone even asking them about gay marriage?


not every regions problems can be sovled with a gay pride parade and gay marriage, okay?

just as nationalism necessitates imperialiasm

homo-nationalism necessitates homo-imperialism