i dream of being possible

prompted by a discussion on transmisogyny

it started with a comment from someone saying that they didn’t like how [white/middle class/TAB] trans women framed themselves as the only and ultimate targets of transmisogyny. Thereby erasing [white] DMAB genderqueers.

Now. Being me, I (of course) pointed out how this is something that is especially bad for non-binary trans feminine poc (in terms of how white trans women make everything about them) and TWoC.

Because, as we all know from the actual people who are dying worldwide from transmisogynist violence. They are either TWoC or trans feminine poc (with a very fuzzy line between those who are women and those who occupy some Indigenous gender category within their culture).

This systematic colonization of gender discourse is exactly why it took me so much fucking time to understand that I actually do get a place and voice at this table. That my experiences and the ways that transmisogyny impact my life are just as valid as any white trans woman.

Perhaps even more so. Particularly when you realize that transmisogyny as weapon and tool of oppression was likely crafted during early stages of white colonialism when these white people (with their patriarchy and gender binary) started encountering Indigenous gender systems across the world.

They encountered bakla, Two Spirit people, muxe, etc etc etc. and saw all of us and this is the start of

the intense focus on our genitals (so that they could see what we ‘really’ were)

calling us ‘men in dresses’ or diminishing our roles in our cultures but reducing us to clothing

saying we aren’t ‘real’ women when clearly living our lives as such

marking our deviant third gender behaviour as a why to erase or frequently spiritual role

Transmisogyny was borne in the journals of explorers. missionaries. white anthropologists. in colonizers. conquerers. thiefs. genocidal murderers.

white colonizers