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personal but non original thoughts on tumblr

My two cents for why I think that many white people aren’t on here to actually learn or anything (and why the ones that are usually just take a seat). 

How many times have I offered to engage people for educations? I know that Riley has reblogged pretty much every offer and they have a lot of followers. Anon is always on (and will stay that way unless it becomes too much for me). But, seriously, few people ever seem to drop into my ask box with silly (or even serious) questions. And the few that do ask questions that are not clearly about discussion or getting educations (ie., all the asks about stuff I can’t or won’t comment on, like anything related to Black people or trying to get me to talk shit about Riley). 


The people getting the disingenuous “I was just asking,” or “I’m curious,” or “I just wanted to know” are the people who’ve said they aren’t here for that. 

For those few people who really are asking genuine questions: this is why no one will engage you. Because trolling doesn’t always take the face of dropping a chorus of the n-word in a Black bloggers ask box. Trolling also takes the form of race-baiting faux curious questions. 

But it is all part of the same efforts to harass people. There is no difference between the hateful slurs and the ‘just askers.’ None. You are all participating in the systematic harassment of poc bloggers. 

And, importantly, we know this. You aren’t fooling anyone.