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patreon post 2 -- on my high-tech twitter setup

One of my patrons asked about my ‘high-tech” twitter setup which is kind of interesting to me, since this actually would qualify as a low-tech setup since it is a command line program (written in Python). My main twitter client is turses. Which is a commandline client that actually has a ncurses UI, which is sort of graphic? Idk. Here is what it looks like:

I think I remember implementing some personal changes to the colors and stuff, but I can”t remember anymore. It has a column type system that will be familiar to anyone whose ever used tweetdeck, which is a ‘power user” web client run by twitter and is really the web interface ppl ought to use (over the default twitter.com one, which I find confusing and irritating, but YMMV).

You navigate the interface using classic vim commands (‘j” to scroll down, ‘k” to scroll up, etc.).

Why do I like this better than other commandline twitter clients? Well… because it actually lets you browse your timeline. Most other CLI twitter clients tend to have commands to pull the most recent n tweets from your timeline. Which… doesn”t really work well if this is your primary twitter client (I think many CLI clients are written as supplementary clients for some GUI).

But… then this gets into a whole other question: why the fuck am I even using a CLI client for twitter in the first place????

Well. I like the commandline better. Not necessarily because I think it is more ~powerful~ or whatever. While this is true to an extent there are many things where using a GUI is just easier. It really depends on the task. However, given how my neurology doesn”t really process visual images all that readily or well, I have a strong preference for text environments. They make sense to me and they allow me to interface with the computer in a way that actually works, rather than confuses.

Which really means that I”m unlikely to ever stop being a avid linux user, since doing CLI type stuff on linux is much better than either OSX or Windows.1

Er… I also like the turses (or other CLI twitter clients) because posting is FAST. I mean. I”m sure people have noticed how quickly I can do my updates. This is really enabled by being able to just post using a few easy keyboards commands.

Um… I think this is it? Not sure if this”ll be satisfying but I hope that it is.

  • Yes, I get that OSX is a posix variant and it should be the same but I can"t fucking stand how expensive their computers are and I really REALLY fucking hate the graphic environment now. Anything past 10.6 is shit and I don"t like it, lol. I"m poor and using linux works well for me, even if some things in my life would be easier with a mac (like not having to dual boot, even though the last time I did have a mac, I put linux on it, which is what finally conviced me to make the switch to linux as my primary OS). </p> </fn></footnotes>