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orientalism and exploitation

so… i read this thing this morning. and it is pretty disgusting so i”m going to make the TW the link

tw: comfort women, orientalism, extreme racism, extreme misogyny,

like the entire premise of the startup is misogynist and disgusting.

but the fact that they literally say that they were inspired by the comfort women of ww2 is just…

this is a disgusting, horrible thing to do.

it shows just how little value they think that Asian women have. how they actually think that treating asian women as objects that exist solely to please men is ‘inspiring”.

i just.

and re-looking at the story… it is clear that this is meant to be funny on the part of the reporter. like, the concept of the startup is disgusting on its own, but the person who wrote the story is the one who made the comparison (it is unclear if the startup founders actually say where their inspiration came from).

the worst thing, no really, the worst thing is that the reporter actually links to the wiki article on comfort women. as in… she knows exactly what attrocity she is making a joke of.

i hate everything today.</p>