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op ed why labeling others as privileged isnt helping trans activists advocate com

[Op-ed: Why Labeling Others As ‘Privileged’ Isn’t Helping Trans Activists Advocate.com](http://www.donotlink.com/ecih).

i read this and was going to ignore it… but i’m realizing that i’m too fucking irritated by the message.

now i am on record for saying that privilege is a functionally useless concept

but that isn’t what the writer is articulating here. instead, she is saying that people like CeCe need to stop framing their words and concepts within privilege because….

it makes her oppressors uncomfortable.

which you know. fuck you? lol.

(you can also tell that she was motivated to write this not bc CeCe talked about cis privilege, but because she talked about WHITE TRANS PRIVILEGE and this person sounds like the most mayo of crackers.)