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one thing ive learned on tumblr is that if you

One thing I’ve learned on tumblr is that if you don’t understand something and wait a little while someone else who is ignorant will usually bust in and get schooled.

Like that pic of the couple jumping over the broom. I didn’t understand what was wrong with the picture, in part because I failed to even notice the broom. It wasn’t even that I was ignorant of the context for what they were doing, but my brain actually failed to process the visual information correctly. I literally did not know what I was looking at.

But instead of busting in going, ‘why is everyone upset about x’ (where x = anything other than what is actually going).

Tumblr has reminded me about the importance of patience. If you don’t understand something. Wait. It’ll be explained. Or, even better, search out the information yourself, if you can (I put this caveat because no amount of searching would have given me the meaning or context of a picture where I failed to see the critical element, eg. the broom).

Because talking when you don’t know isn’t great. Neither is busting in to ask for educations.