i dream of being possible

one thing ive learned about tumblr is that people

one thing i’ve learned about tumblr is that people really really really

need to have every little thing spoon fed to them

one of the things i had trouble adjusting to university writing (and wher

e i lost marks the most at the beginning was by not explaining shit.

the biggest thing i had to learn

at university

was how to break down all of my ideas so that everyone else could

understand them

(of course… all of this wasn’t framed as the fact that these white men

and women just weren’t at my fucking level. because the other better thing

about tumblr is finally meeting people that i don’ thave to explain every

fukcing part of my ideas to because they get it too)

never realized just how….

sort of aggravating it is to see some white people trying to dissect one

of my ideas.

and getting it all wrong. not understand either the foundations or

context. and acting like my being white-passing has any impact on historic

al fact (hint: it doesn’t)