i dream of being possible

one thing i like least


So bad-dominicana has been getting one of those mass tone policing, white whine bullshit things that she seems to get every so often, regularly. This also happens regularly to Riley, Strugglingtobeheard, and other people I’m probably forgetting right now. (maybe I see brashblacknonbeliever and a few others get something similar).

And. really. people are so busy tone policing and doing all kinds of oppressive shit to never actually see or recognize

Their humanity.

And just how kind, compassionate, sweet, caring, and all these lovely traits all of them really are.

You have to be operating with a particularly willful kind ignorance and un-seeing to never once actually see the truth.


If you actually stopped, looked, and saw the reality in front of you

You’d see these lovely human beings sharing, generously, so much of themselves.