i dream of being possible

one thing i don't get

is why, exactly, people often think that ‘it is too hard/costly/whatever’ is a valid reason to argue against a course of action that would go a long way to improving the lives of many people.

Like. I just saw the bathroom thing again. And, yeah, the best solution is single units with lockable doors. Of course, this is more costly and leaves us with already built washrooms that would be costly to retrofit.

Even more costly and difficult is dismantling the institutions that make washrooms such a dangerous place for trans women in the first place (by this I mean dismantling institutionalized transmisogyny). This, of course, is the primary and long term goal.

In the meantime…

my answer is: i don’t care if it is costly to retrofit washrooms so that they are safe for trans women. I also don’t care that it is costly to retrofit all buildings to be accessible for various disabilities.

don’t care.

capitalism, of course, does care. it does a cold calculation and notes that retrofiting is would have a too costly impact on profits.

but i don’t give a fuck about profits.

and for those businesses and people who built these things without the notion that they should do so the right way (ie, in the inclusive way that maximizes everyone’s safety). Well. That is their mistake. And they are responsible for that mistake. And they sure as fuck should be held accountable and be made to correct that mistake.