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one reason why the media needs to do better

One of the biggest challenges to trying to provide a trans feminine focused link service is finding decent stories. Yes. We often have to link to stories full of tranmisogyny and cissexism and, quite frequently, other straight up triggering shit, just so that we (and others by extension) can stay reasonably informed.

This is also meaning that I end up reading many many many more stories than I actually link to.

One of the most frustrating things is the overall lack of a consistency. Truly awful publications will refer to to trans women as ‘transgender men,’ leaving you to read the actual story and realize that they are trying some halfassed effort to recognize the trans identity but misgendering at the same fucking time.

It is especially frustrating in cases where the trans feminine person in question is unable to or has not been allowed to speak for themselves.

I read some stories. And I just don’t fucking know. I can’t tell who this person is.

And it distresses me and disgusts me.

Because even as you are trying to report about us, you’ve so utterly managed to erase us that the real person, the human being behind the story has just