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on trans(asterisk)

someone asked me, not too long ago why/wherefore trans* is transmisogynist… i didn’t have a ready answer since this is a critique i’ve skimmed over and not thought to much about. but. i have been thinking about it and it really is. refer to this image:


I’ve said elsewhere that there is not trans community. and that the notion of a trans community is actually and directly harmful to trans women. and it is.

And yeah, i look at this poster and i see all the things i hate about it and the trans* umbrella politics.

I mean. Why are “third gender” and “Two Spirit” on this list?

are they really trans(asterisk) identities??? (hint: this third gender girl say ‘no’ about that at least)

more to the point

the notion that the ‘trans community’ needs to be more inclusive strikes me as suspect when , at best, there has been over-representation by middle class+ binary white trans people. especially since i often hear arguments in favour of this umbrella

is really about non-binary inclusion

except… from my experience with the trans(asterisk) community binary trans women of colour definitely aren’t, um, ‘included’ in any meaningful way

ultimately i find calls for inclusion suspicious when certain people are assumed to be included, but arent really. it has the net effect of saying that the non-space binary twoc are occupying is too much. that more room should be made for all these other identities. without really considering how the current trans ‘community’ is structured by the exclusion and exploitation of twoc.