i dream of being possible

on things im unwilling to spend time doing

Just so everyone knows: I will never engage [r]dfems. Ever. I don’t distinguish them from any other white supremacist hate group.

I am no more willing to engage them then I am a neo-nazi group.

I’m not great at the whole raging confrontation thing. Just not my personality. I also have a disdain for wasting time. And trans people been fighting with them for over 30 years. I don’t have time for that. And zero interest.


Even if by virtue of some herioc feat, some excellent trans woman finally manages to convince them that we are human.

That still won’t solve their white supremacy problem and women of colour (trans or not) have also been fighting this for over 30 years.

And 30 years later, [r]dical feminism is still white supremacist. Still transphobic. Still an ideology of hate.

I have no time for it. So. Any [r]dfems who bother with my blog, you can step away. I almost never say shit about you and you can stay the fuck away from me. I do my best to never be where you are, so return the courtesy.