i dream of being possible

on the spiritual dimensions of gender

I guess this is one of the things that I kinda pity white people about. 


as I’ve seen from *many* a white trans person…

all they often ever really seem to be able to do 

is call on their god Biology. Or the father, Science. To try and justify, explain, excuse why it is okay that they exist. 

Even those of us in the diaspora who may be distant from our roots (or not even know their exact origin) we can feel, know, see, understand that there is (always has been) something more or beyond.

That Biology (or Science) may not see us or know us

But we are here. Have always been here. And will be here. 

yes. roles and lives and purpose changes.

where once we may have been healers and treasured

but some now struggle to make ends meet and some are lost too soon

we can heal again

be treasured again

or do any number of things

I don’t have faith in many things…

but I have faith in us