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on the public confession

now, there is one kind of public confession that this post is most assuredly NOT about: when people who”ve been abused, victimized and/or are survivors feel the need to discuss their experiences publicly.


this post is about people who”ve been abusive and/or assaulted someone in the past and is now choosing to confess it publicly

what purpose does this serve?

as far as i can tell, this is like 10000% self serving. they are doing this to frame themselves as ‘good” in contrast to when they were ‘bad”

they are doing this to either seek punishment in the form of ‘public” outcry or whatever

or doing it so that they can be absolved of their sins

for ‘forgiveness” from people who aren”t their victims.


this drama can only be properly staged if you are (however loosely defined) a ‘public” figure. otherwise… no one gives a fuck about ur confession of being a shitty human being in the past (or maybe being one still)

think of HS

did his confession serve anyone other than himself?

doesn”t look like it.</p>