i dream of being possible

on the politics of hate

so hate kinda gets a bad rap these days. and for fairly good cause. we have hate groups popping up all over the place in addition to the long running ones. we can identify that hate has caused a great deal of damage and ill to the world.

hate for the most part is a bad thing. especially since it is usually weaponized by oppressors (or… idk, motivates them? whatever).

and there is a sort of sentiment that hate begets hate. and that more hate isn’t useful or productive.

momentarily accepting the supposition that hate begets hate…

it strikes me as peculiar that oppressors never seem to understand that their hate begat ours.

and what they often seem to never realize… is that they still haven’t stopped hating us. re: white people. they hated us from the moment they saw us. they hated us when they began settling and colonizing. 500+ years into present day, they still fucking hate us.

one wonders… if hate begets hate, perhaps the solution to all this hate, is, well, for oppressors to stop hating those they oppress. just a thought.

i also hate this invocation of cycles of hate because it places an additional burden on the oppressed. not only must we be oppressed because others hate us, but we are apparently supposed to be kind in return. to find, somehow, love and compassion and forgiveness in our hearts, so that the cycle of hatred is broken….

to which i say “you stop and i’ll think about stopping”

the thing about my hate is that it is impotent. it does nothing. i can hate my oppressors all i want. all day. every day. with all the passion in my soul. but it does nothing (well, except make me feel better, so).

will my hate beget hate?

i can’t see how. white people have never stopped hating me. or any other iaopoc.

could they hate us more? um…. again, i can’t see how.

500+ years of colonialism, settler colonialism, genocide, eugenics, cultural genocide, forced assimilation, and so on. pretty much indicates to me that this is about maximal hatred.

then again… the one area that white people never fail to exceed expectations is in finding new and novel and more horrifying ways to express their hatred. so.

i could be wrong. my hate could be wrong.

i guess we’ll see, won’t we?