i dream of being possible

on the daily mail fox and other media

i truly believe that, on the whole, things like the daily mail and fox better represent the truth…

like. obviously (for fox at least) not in terms of facts, but in terms of how a lot of people actually feel about an issue.

whenever i read stuff reported by fox about trans women and it is often the most disgusting, horrible, dehumanizing shit.

but the thing is, the thing is.

twoc aren’t dying because the average person thinks we are bees knees.

your average person really does think we are subhuman men in dresses who are only trying to prey on little girls in washrooms

i’m not shocked or surprised when i read those articles. why? because this is the life i’m leading. i know what people think.

the liberal media is far more dangerous. it allows them the illusion of being progressive and just… sticks a decaying flower in a pile of shit and pretends its a fucking garden.

sure, i don’t like reading the stories. but. they definitely are more honest, in a way.