i dream of being possible

on the 100 pilot

keeping on my with tradition and love of pilots, my bf and i watched the pilot for the 100 yesterday…

yet another show/movie/book trying to ride the coat tails of the YA dystopian thing made popular by the hunger games, this show presents us with a plucky white blonde girl protag who, by dint of her blondeness and girlness, is a natural leader and whatever. even though, according to the show, she did absolutely nothing other than have a specific dad.

this is also a theme. whereby all the kids sent down to earth appear to mostly be culpable for the stuff their parents did.

anyway. the problem i had with the basic premise (as is often the case) is that the earth was ruined by a nuclear apocalypse. okay.

yet one more ‘end of the world” scenario presented as if all people on the planet earth are equally culpable

it is irritating because who has most of the nuclear weapons?


who invades countries at the merest hint/rumour/speculation that non-white people might have nuclear weapons?


if. at this point in history, there is a nuclear apocalypse (or any prior point of history)

the people responsible are………..


u fuckers are the shitheads who invented this crap. who stockpile them. who use them against other humans.

but every time we see this premise played out, it is just like

‘oh, here is this thing that has happened”

without ever really showing who is actually responsible for it all

yeah, ‘we” are supposed to read dystopian works as a cautionary tale for humanity, except that ‘humanity” is apparently just fucking white people.

world ruined by ecological disaster? white ppl did it.

world overpopulated and everyone starving? white ppl did this too.

world”s resources all used up and we are all slowly dying? yeah, looking at you white ppl.

world is in nuclear winter due to nuclear war? let me guess… white ppl.

world has some horrible totalitarian gov”t a la 1984? white ppl.

world has become capitalist ideal of consumption and mass production a la Brave New World? WHITE PPL.

the sad thing is, is that how much of this shit have we seen? i know i”ve read a fair share of this dystopian garbage.

and you know who apparently isn”t getting the message?

I”ll give you three gueses.

but you know what message the rest of us are getting?

either we are all dead. or, in the few ones where we survive…


white people still in charge of everything. still exploiting and oppressing iaopoc. and, best of all, white people are our only hope for being saved.


(does this mean that dystopian fiction is really just about white ppl finally learning how to clean up their own fucking messes? white ppl dystopia = zomg! all the maids are dead and now we have to do this ourselves ~cries 5ever~)</p>