i dream of being possible

on standards of beauty

after seeing that post claiming

“trans women are the most beautiful” / “trans women are more beautiful than cis women”


reinforcing normative beauty standards

makes me realize just how much some ppl do not fucking get what ‘normative” or even ‘beauty standards” actually means

i wrote this a while back:

We hear a lot from cis women who talk about how this impossible ideal beauty destroys confidence and self-worth and self-esteem, but can’t quite make the leap to how this impacts trans girls.

We see the same impossible ideal of beauty. And I’m not sure if you’ve realized (although, since many of you take exquisite pleasure in de/misgendering us, i’m sure you do realize), just how distant that ideal is for your average trans woman. Especially if you transition late. Many of us understand that even if we go through the entire gamut of surgeries/hormones/whatever we will never be beautiful. We will never be desirable. We will never be attractive. And, the thing is, this isn’t a newborn realization.

it is empowering and, tbh, one of the best ways to challenge normative beauty standards to take a group of women usually labelled as among the ugliest and call them the most beautiful. trans women are literally a joke when it comes to our attempts to be beautiful.

do u know how many movies/shows/whatever i”ve seen that have a man finding out that he”d been with a trans woman and vomitting?????


so what ur saying is that our vomit-inducing beauty enforces normative standards…

sure. right. yeah.