i dream of being possible

on getting the benefit of doubt

randomly, randomly, that holybat got is part of a larger, very annoying pattern of (usually white) people always demanding ‘proof’ of some famous white person’s racism…


You do know that this doesn’t have to be proved, right? The default setting for every white person is racist. I assume they are all racist. None of them get the any benefits of the doubt. 

I don’t care how famous or not. I don’t even care if they have a 93049803 year history of publicly doing anti-racist shit or whatever. 

None of you get the benefit of the doubt. Ever. As Riley often says, this is just about self protection. 


And this is coming from a white passing poc. I presume every white person racist ‘cause I hear the shit you people say when you think no poc are listening. I hear it. Seemingly good, nice white folk making jokes and being white supremacist. 

You don’t fool anyone. 

So how about stop asking for receipts about how some famous white person is racist and start providing receipts for why you aren’t. 

You people never believe the proof even when it is provided.