i dream of being possible

on being divided

one of the things that interests me (because it is irritating and i don”t get how/why it became a thing)

is this kinda white liberal/left notion of ‘unity”

the charge of being dicisive is often seen from white feminists when woc dare to bring up race

or, it”ll often be the sad attempt at commentary by some clueless person

first. who the fuck decided that ‘unity” is a valuable thing? or even one of the top five endgoals? how the fuck are we defining unity here?

Often, many of these same ppl will point to ‘progressive” countries in scandanavia for places that are doing it okay. low violent crime. lots of social service. rights well protected…..

(well, unless you are a poc/migrant/Indigenous person/etc — but, swear to fucking god, if you look behind this curtain, Dorothy…)

You know one of the things, the major things, that these areas have that help do what they do? Largely homogenous populations. it is fairly easy to aim for a ‘progressive,” unified country when you do the most keep all the undiserables outside of your borders. it is fairly easy to convince ppl to fund social programs when you know that all the ‘right” ppl will get it, and few of the wrong ones.

this is what i hear whenever a white mouth utters ‘unity”: hegemony. forced assimilation. genocide. colonization. pick one. fuck, have more than one. whiteness is generous this way.

Look at all the white movements that emphasize ‘unity.” They remain successful insofar as their are able to police (ie, gatekeep) their boundaries to ensure a largely homogenous membership. Gay Inc. works so well because they try to keep as many middle class/affluent/white cis men in and many others out. This is also very true of white feminism.

and notice how both do the most to actually legitimize (often settler) states whose interest is support white ppl, so that they can get a slice of stolen pie too.

me? i don”t actually want unity. I don”t care about it. not even a little.

i do like/appreciate/work for solidarity. but solidarity =/= unity.

solidarity is a mess. it is a bunch of different groups with competing interests making compromises and putting in some long fucking hours of energy and thought and time so that they can work together.

solidarity means that sometimes, we won”t always be working together. because you have your priorities and i have mine. solidarity does mean that, in pursuing my priorities, i don”t create barriers/blocks/or otherwise hamper your ability to pursue yours.

sometimes it means taking myself entirely out of the picture because my very presence serves to de-stabilize/threaten/or otherwise harm you and yours.

fuck unity. give me solidarity.

or get the fuck out.