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on bad boys and sexual harassment

So I”m reading this story that features one of my favourite klaine variations, badboy!Blaine, and — as much as i love these stories — i”m troubled by one of the common themes in the badboy trope (this story isn”t the only offender, many other types of media that feature the ‘badboy”:

The following two weeks followed a certain pattern. Kurt would arrive at his locker before school to find Blaine standing there smirking at him. Kurt would push him out of the way and load his locker with his notebooks as Blaine threw a long line of sexual remarks at him. Blaine would find Kurt at lunch and walk by to ask Kurt to join him for a quickie between classes before heading to the table he had to himself in the corner of the cafeteria. Then after school, before Glee Club, Kurt would find himself in the deserted hall with Blaine walking beside him making even more sexual comments to Kurt. ‘Where does he come up with them all?’

And, of course, we are supposed to believe that a steady stream of sexual harassment is an awesome recipe for romance and love.

And maybe it is, given rape culture.

The thing is… that this sort of thing is completely unnecessary to make a compelling badboy narrative (see Fix by rainjoyswriting).

Part of what makes the badboy thing compelling is having a guy with a hard past who, usually in the end, has a heart of gold. It is incredibly hard to believe someone (anyone) has a heart of gold when you are about 90% sure that they are actually a rapist.

I”m not sure what point i intended to make anymore ‘cause my bf”s movie has totally derailed my train of thought.