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omg julia serano responded to one of my excerpts

holy shitballs. julia serano blogged a response to what she calls a ‘meme’ (but never identifies, what, exactly the meme is) and links to this excerpt from my critical commentary as the possible source for it….

Oh. sorry. i’m looking at her post again and this is the meme:

However, in the last two weeks, I have stumbled across numerous instances where people have accused me of claiming that two-spirit and other indigenous non-binary-identified people “reinforce the gender binary.”

unsurprinsingly, she totally and utterly misses the point. her attachment to the notion that ‘reinforcing’ necessarily fits into a model of ‘radicalness’ within the community is part of the problem. one of the few points, as it happens, where i agree with her is that demarcating certain identities within teh trans community as transgressive/radical vs conservative/reactionary.1

and u can see she utterly misses the point with the title of her post “nobody reinforces the gender binary & nobody subverts it either” which is a flat out misrepresentation of what the binary is. but this isn’t a surprise since one of the things she doesn’t dispute about my critique is that she things the binary is a real and natural part of the world. thus, being natural, it isn’t actually influenced (on way or another) by human actions.2

just so that she can stop being confused about the language, notice how i never use ‘enforce’ or ‘reinforce’ in that excerpt?

i’m not really talking about that. the thrust of the critique is that she frames iaopoc genders as reifying the binary, which is a different matter altogether.

so. whatever. i’m still super amused that she responded to something i wrote.

i wonder if i’ll get another blog post after i publish my critical commentary…