i dream of being possible

oh the sweet irony

i suppose i should have anticipated that most of the white knights of logic would only confirm what i say about logical fallacies and logic

Almost, without fail, every single person has approached my argument with a straw man.


Note that my thesis/conclusion of the post boils down to two essential ideas:

  1. ‘logic’ as presented in the photoset and as colloquially discussed is not universal, and that the assumption of its universality is actually white supremacist
  2. Most ‘debates’ and such, especially on tumblr, actually come down to disagreements over matters of fact, rather than the soundness or validity of the arguments

Can you guess how many people have actually responded to these points?

How many have, rather, just decided to argue against the example I use of the ad hominem fallacy, which by virtue of being an example is not the actual point of my statements about logic.

And you know why people haven’t addressed point 1? Because it actually, amusingly, comes down to a matter of fact.

It is, 100% undeniable that there is more than one system of logic. It is equally undeniable that there are two systems of white/western logic that actually confirm contradictory logical truths[1. say, classical logic and dialethic logic, since one says that contradictions are always false and the other says that contradictions are sometimes true]. Also undeniable is the long traditions of logic in South Asia, the middle east, and Asia[2. note I’m only mentioning these traditions because i only have personal knowledge of the documented history for these areas, there are undoubtedly traditions in various African regions, and in Indigenous american cultures, and so on. my not knowing about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. neither does having no written record mean that they never existed].

It is also interesting, if you squint, to see how invested so many people are in exercising hegemonic control over discourse. And by ‘interesting’ i mean unsurprising. Most of the people criticising that post have a vested interest in ensuring that they continue to set the rules of engagement. Which, again ironically, only serves to confirm what I’m saying about the white supremacist and colonial implications of the white man’s logic.