i dream of being possible

oh. on the recent demise of bill c-279

so the past few days have been busy enough that I haven’t had time to mention that

parliament has gone on their summer vacay

which means that the trans rights bill (bill c-279) will have to start the process all over in the senate

if (as is expected) the PM prorogues and does a new throne speech

it’ll have to be re-introduced to the house of commons.

so. essentially dead again.

this is, i think, the 6th time this bill has been through this process?

this last round was, seriously, so fucking close. but the conservative house leader just didn’t want it to happen. so it didn’t (and that cis lesbian didn’t do it any favours).

and it is funny….

(but not really. or funny in the sense that i feel like screaming)

that it is pride this weekend (at least in TO). and you know, as well as i do, that there will be thousands of triumphant cis queers celebrating.

my pride message this year is:

fuck you.