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Oh, GLAAD, so full of fail

GLAAD’s List of Trans Stories ‘You’ Should Have Heard More About

Er. Okay. I look over the stories and most of these I’ve heard a great deal about. And, yes, I know that as one editor of GirlsLikeUs News I probably am more aware of the news related to trans people than most. However…

I find it curious that a media watchdog like GLAAD is trying to spin it this way. Especially since in every single case they discuss, there were transmisogynist, transphobic, cissexist elements to the many reports that were told about each of those people and incidents.

Now, I don’t have much use for GLAAD. But. You’d think they could, idk, actually stay on top of this shit especially when they are clearly demonstrating by this story that they were actually aware of the stuff that was happening?

More importantly, who is this ‘you’ they are referring to? When, in part, it seems like they are in desperate need of doing better and, at least in my case, I actually saw many people discussing these stories. It appears like they are trying to say that they are part of the ‘we’ who these stories directly impact, when that would appear to be very disingenuous.