i dream of being possible

officially tired of white non-binary people

so here is an example of how white non binary people benefit from the binary.

look at this photo spread of ‘8 stunningly beautiful androgynous models’

of which there seems to be only one visible PoC (the Asian person) but otherwise is white people (and because, models, all thin too)

and thinking about how we’ve talked about how hard it is to be andro and PoC because this expression is literally defined by normative white beauty standards

and it is nigh on impossible to be seen as andro unless you are white.

but how is this benefiting from the binary (and not just white privilege)?

Because the binary centres white genders, its roles, and its expressions

and. this means that non-binary white people define their genders in relation to this binary, so their acceptance and perceived expressions rely on centring the white gender binary

so much so

that it becomes impossible for any PoC to authentically embody these IDs because, at the end of the day, it requires fully assimilating to white genders and, even more important, as a result they are still never white enough to actually be able to express these genders

to flip around: i’ll care about whatever troubles non-binary white people experience the day that a person (me!) doesn’t have costly and (personally unnecessary) interventions by white science to have even the smallest chance of having their gender recognized and respected.

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