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occasional rant on logic

Looking over some of the notes after I commented on that ‘conventional logic’ comic where people are surprised that I’d have something to say? Or, idk? Having one person strike out everything I and Riley wrote? 

Okay. Really? 

Sure. I get the humour of the comic.

I also shake my head at people not realizing (as is often the case) that calls for ‘rationality’ ‘logic’ ‘common sense’ etc. are often just tone policing or language policing or whatever.

Sure. Sure.

Go on thinking that discourse as defined and structured around whiteness is going to do you any good.

(hint: it won’t)

I’ll just say this: I laugh at people who think they know about logic and think they know what it is about. I laugh and mock you because even the white/western philosophical branch of logic is more complex and diverse than these people think it is. Because so many people still think that logic has anything to do with cognition or real world human reasoning.

(hint: it doesn’t) 

Logic is one of the few subjects I know well. More importantly, it is one of those subjects I know well beyond just white logic. And I won’t engage people who think they are experts when all they’ve taken is a single intro class in college. I also won’t engage anyone who ever talks about logic and not logics, because if you don’t realize that (even in white western philosophy) there is more than one kind of logic you are too basic to be worth my time. 

So don’t talk to me about even something like ‘conventional logic’ if you aren’t actually going to reference any of the work on pragmatic or abductive logic. Because I can already tell you don’t know what you are talking about.