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my comments about asexuality appear to have lost me a decent handful of followers

that is okay.

my blog is meant to be personal. but i don’t really care if people label me as social justice.

don’t care, as long as people remember that

i don’t subscribe to white notions of inclusion, justice, equality, etc.

i don’t feel bad about not caring about people privileged over me.

there are a lot of topics that I don’t engage individually because, as far as my brain is concerned, i can’t actually tell the difference between, say, straight people who do not experience sexual desire and straight people who do experience sexual desire.

just, as i’ve pointed out before, I cannot distinguish white feminists from white conservatives. or white liberals. white anarchists. white marxists. white progressives. etc. etc.

when i talk about decolonization. dismantling whiteness. gender liberation. anything else.

you should always understand my resistance to include everything i’ve mentioned above.

i rarely see the point of directing my criticism towards specific, individual aspects of the oppressive, colonial, racist, sexist, cissexist, trans misognynist, rape supporting, abuse enabling, fat phobic, ableist, homophobic, etc. culture that we exist in because i’d rather focus on dismantling the structures that allow all those things to exist.

another reason why i try to focus on larger structures is so that i don’t forget how, in many ways these various oppressions feed into each, support each other, cause each other, are caused by the others, that it is this intricate, interconnected web that exists on a constantly shifting and moving terrain. this is what intersectionality, for me, is about. not just that individuals experience multiple types of oppression, but that oppression is a hydra and that attacking the heads only effects temporary change.

this is the lofty goal, at least.

in the meantime, i’m also just trying to survive. and make my life easier. and what doesn’t make my life easier (or, incidentally work to resist oppression) is spending time with people who want to split hairs about whether or not straight people who do not experience sexual desire are queer.

and while I don’t often talk about specific stuff like that. you should re-examine whether or not you want to follow me and your perception about how oppression works. because you should understand that the very thing you are attempting to argue is a part of a larger system that i resist.

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