i dream of being possible

new height of being jaded

or just finally reading with my eyes open… hard to tell.

these days. I have a hard time taking seriously any discussion of gender-based oppression that doesn’t explicitly put trans women front and centre.1 particularly when the writer is a cis woman.

Like. I wish i could say otherwise, but i’ve learned that unless explicitly mentioned, twoc are not part of any cis-originated movement to resist gender-based oppression. and by ‘explicitely’ mentioned, i don’t mean ‘especially trans women of colour’, since yeah, some people invoke the phrase to get ally points but, otherwise, nothing from their actions or words suggests that they actually have twoc in mind when they speak about gender-based oppression.

that cis woman is a woman of colour as well, does not mean that she is or has any desire to work in solidarity with me. i learned this after seeing one cis woc dismiss and silence two twoc, only to give a speech at a TDoR event a few months later.2