i dream of being possible

never fails

i need to get out of that trans group on facebook with all the white women

get a message last night asking for people to boost (or donate to) her GCS campaign. and sure, i generally don’t mind boosting something like this. but i’ve definitely learned that you only boost what you feel comfy endorsing, which requires some basic research.

goes to her campaign page and sees that this white – presumably binary based on how she talks about her self – trans woman runs a website called the ‘third sex’ or whatever the fuck

and, of course, this is all about (or supposed to be about non-consensual third gendering – i think this is the charitable reading of her statements on it)

um. but no. ‘third sex’ like ‘third gender’ has specific colonial and racial implications.

look. un-consensual third gendering is a serious problem for #girlslikeus. yes. and it is something we need to talk about. particularly for how the history of this unconsensual third gendering is inextricably tied to iaopoc genders and societies. and if you understand this history, you shouldn’t be a white woman running the thirdsex.org (or whatever).