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meds and ableism


i’m still processing that post by Girljanitor talking about feminist sympathy for mothers who abuse/murder their disabled children. Beyond just being utterly disgusted by it (as well as entirely unsurprised, ‘cause this sort of disgusting behaviour is exactly what I expect of feminists).

I followed the link to the article that the sociological images person was talking about (“mother-blame in the prozac nation”).

And my can’t get past seriously writing a title ‘prozac nation’ yet still being allowed to write authoritatively about any issue related to invisible disabilities.

These days, I see something like that in the title of a journal article and all I can think of is that it’ll be nothing but institutional support for ableism. What else could it be?

Everything about this screams able bodied panic that people treating their mental conditions should be seen as an emergency because this means that they are losing justification for continuing to abuse people with invisible illnesses by trying to force them to use their bootstraps or whatever the fuck.