i dream of being possible

love is not all i need

I continue to be irritated by the theme/motto of this years TO trans march.

“love is all you need”

(i elsewhere – but of course can’t find the post – posted about how using a song written by john lennon – anti-Black racist and misogynist extraordinaire – sends a fairly clear message who, exactly, they want showing up at this march)

they now have t-shirts. with the trans symbol and ‘love is all you need’

awesome great. except, what i don’t need is a trite phrase from a racist white man.

love isn’t all that i need. what i need is, freedom.

i am not seeking to be ‘loved’ by cis people. this is not a goal of mine.

i do, however, wish to be free of transmisogyny and cisnormativity. and love is entirely unnecessary for this.

i also want to be able to clothe, feed, and shelter myself. love will not get me these things, but freedom of oppression will.

and… it strikes me as almost seeking validation from power, rather than resisting it.

if we are counting on cis people ‘loving’ us so that they stop oppressing us, we’ll never be free.