i dream of being possible

like ill never consider myself an indigenous

like i’ll never consider myself an Indigenous person.

it just doesn’t feel right (in much the same way that poc doesn’t feel

right to me anymore)

Like. I’m sure I could make arguments to claim either if I really felt


but this would demonstrate a level of entitlement that usually only

colonizers show

but since we can afford to be nuanced

bakla is an Indigenous gender ID. i mean. it pre-dates the spanish. it

is also one of the parts of Tagalog culture that requires some care to

ensure that it doesn’t die out (especially with how white

gender/sexuality discourse is influencing gender discourse int he

Phillipines right now).

we can afford to be nuanced.

my gender is Indigenous but im’ not

my culture is PoC but i’m not.

(and if we want to examine the reasons why I’m not… this is when i

start looking at colonialism. b/c this is what colonialism does. it cuts

us up and disconnects things that should not be)