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Kergan Edwards-Stout -- The Mother of a Transgender Child Speaks Out

Kergan Edwards-Stout: The Mother of a Transgender Child Speaks Out:

I have to say, that I’m really, really not liking the seeming media obsession with trans children.

I don’t like it. At all. 

Trans children exist. They’ve existed for a while. 

They’ve been going to school. They’ve been transitioning (or not). Have had supportive parents (or not). They live, breath,  exist. This is life. 

But I feel like every other day almost, there is some story in the media having this whole thing discussing (dissecting) the lives of these children. 

Childhood, especially for marginalized children, is short and fleeting enough without having even wider spread public attention. 

idk, something about all of this leaves a bad tasted in my mouth. 

(not to even touch on the fact that these kids always seem to be white… even though that NTLD survey showed that trans youth of colour are far more likely to express themselves in grade school than white trans kids)

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