i dream of being possible


i just realized the interesting juxtaposition of two of the articles i posted links to.

first we have an incident of a man trying to invade women”s space

second we have a man invading women”s spaces to assault us

except that the first one is written sympathetically and is, in essence, attempting to justify and excuse why men ought to be allowed into women”s spaces.

the second, written by a white trans HBSer/truscum, argues that some women ought not be allowed in spaces because these spaces are vulnerable to invading men

interesting, huh?

both rely on essentialist notions of gender

“women who have penises and no desire to get rid of them are really just men and not women! so keep them out of women”s spaces!”

“men who have vaginas are really just women and should be allowed in women”s spaces!!!”

super, duper interesting.

also interesting, in this juxtaposition, is the kinds of spaces being discussed.

the injustice of being denied access to a dance


the belief than some women shouldn”t be allowed to access shelters or other such services


juxtapositions, eh?</p>