i dream of being possible

just in case anyone forgot

i’m really really not the ‘good’ Asian

the only thing that might satisfy me wrt colonial powers and settler states

is if they bankrupt themselves and their peoples in an effort to make up for all their horror, atrocities, and genocides (and for settler states, to entirely dismantle themselves all the settlers to cram themselves back into europe so they can live on top of each other in squalor – and yes, i include myself in this, although i’d go to Asia if asked to leave).

but this only covers the material stuff

i want to see them give up their gods. i want to see them give up their language (maybe all of you can go speak latin or whatever the fuck. as long as you can no longer speak your native tongue, i don’t care). i want every meaningful cultural ritual, practice, whatever taken from you.


at this point

maybe it’ll be enough

maybe then whiteness can be forgiven