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just got another comment on my info lit post. "just don't reblog things if u...

just got another comment on my info lit post.

“just don”t reblog things if u can”t verify uwu :)”

yeah. sure. honestly? this isn”t something that”s actually very easy to do in the current context and status of teh Discourse.

are ppl really not seeing the same bullshit, manipulative posts that i do?

(reblog if you care!)

the pressure to constantly perform a certain kind of public ‘consciousness”?

(why is no one talking about this.)

the general guilt-tripping…

(if care about x, why don”t you also care about y)

the idea that notes = awareness

(why does this only have 5k notes)

we”ve created a culture of peer pressure and coercion to perform empathy and compassion and consciousness in very specific, prescribed ways. the world is so fucking vast and there are so many fucking things wrong with it. but however much you care, it isn”t enough. bc you didn”t reblog this post. ur a piece of shit for not talking about this thing you don”t know. why don”t u feel more guilty and responsible for things u can”t change. why can”t u pay attention and care about 5,000 different things at the same time. why do you only care about one thing, which isn”t the thing i care about.

isn”t anyone else tired of this shit? tired of feeling like your worthiness as a human being is connected to your public displays of outrage/grief/empathy/whatever? tired of the contradictory and impossible to meet expectations?

i am. so fucking tired. of it all.