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Just documenting some of the comments on the reddit thread

(eta: I just realized that this needs a bit of context. Here is the reddit thread. Basically a bunch of white people wondering why a new term is neccessary or otherwise making fun)-


In particular… I find this term really, super interesting for the ways that it is such a clear invocation of colonialism it almost takes your breath away:

It’s probably out of the question, but if they would accept “trans*” as a word for everyone whose physical body does not match their chosen gender – and just let it go at that! – it would go a long way towards making other people have a frame of reference for them.

This is sincerely and truly such a fascinating way to frame this. And it assumes so much. And it seriously an astonishing act of colonialism: just accept our words for you! Let us define you!

Otherwise… we may never understand you!

Their earlier comments too… everyone might have their own label! Chaos! Panic at the disco!

This is sooo funny.

And this is also how you can tell, by and large, that the people in this thread are either white or buying into whiteness.

Otherwise… they might realize that there are already a plurality of words. Even before all the stuff that has angry anti-sj people running around screaming about special snowflakes. Too sorry that your worldview and knowledge is so limited.

They might realize… that we aren’t trying to be understood by them. No one cares if you get it.

But really. When your comment essentially boils down to:

“Why won’t you just let us colonize you already!”

you are already beyond hope and redemption