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Jillian Page thinks trans rights are less important that respect and tolerance

This is the post that is finally making me say something: [Transgender Rights: Dressing Room Issue vs. Washroom Issue, and a Reality Check Montreal Gazette](http://blogs.montrealgazette.com/2012/11/04/transgender-rights-dressing-room-vs-washroom-issue-and-a-reality-check/).

I’ve bumped into her posts before. And stopped reading them around the time I realized that she was a total HBSer or whatever. Her opinions about pretty much everything related to trans stuff are basically shit. It bothers me that she has such a large platform to spread misinformation.

Let us talk about this post, as one example of her shit.

It seems that whenever I write an objective post about trans issues that presents the views of the other side, some trans people feel I am ganging up on them, as if we are not allowed to listen to and talk about the concerns and fears of people worried about their children and themselves. It’s almost as if some trans people feel their rights must be accepted no matter what, and even when cases occur that push those rights to the limits, nobody should talk about it.

Objective? No. Hahahahahah. White people always think that they are object or that objectivity is 1. possible and 2. desirable. Ms. Page? You aren’t objective. You speak from a particular position and you have biases, just like everyone else.

But I find your last sentence rather interesting… I mean, obviously people can talk about whatever they wish, but I question your incredulity that trans people feel that our rights should be respected no matter what.

I’m not sure if you realize… but that is actually how rights work. They need to be respected and observed. No matter what. All the time. Even in cases that push the rights to the limits (which I definitely don’t think this case is). Anything less than complete and total respect is a failure to recognize our humanity and our worth. And all cases of infringements on human rights should be supported.

Once again, I remind trans people that they, too, have to show tolerance and respect. They should reach out to those who fear them, and even make some compromises sometimes. 

Actually, I don’t actually have to show anyone tolerance or respect. I wonder if you see the contradiction here. You are telling me that I don’t deserve to have my rights accepted no matter what. However, if my rights are violated, I need to be respective and tolerant.

No. This is not how it works. No one has a right to tolerance or respect. I certainly don’t expect this from the people I interact with on a daily basis. What I do expect, however, is that they observe my humanity and all the rights I’m accorded because I”m human. This includes being allowed to use whichever restroom or changeroom I feel is appropriate.

Fuck you and your tone policing shit.

The reality about gender identity these days, at least as it applies to the dressing room issue, is that humans ARE defined by what is between their legs. It is wrong, a misconception, but trans people have to recognize it for what it is: reality. If you have a penis, most people will consider you to be a man; if you have a vagina, a woman.

Paragraphs like this are exactly why you shouldn’t be on allowed to have such a large platform. It also explains why you have a platform on the only conservative, english-language news paper in Montreal. Because you support the oppressive shit of people who do not see you as human.

This kind of fatalism about the current state of affairs is where you err. Cases like the one in Olympia are exactly the sort of thing that should happen more frequently so that people stop holding on to this erroneous and antiquated notion that genitals = gender.

You are wrong. And you suck.

Knowing this, pre-op (or non-op) trans people should be very careful about using women’s dressing rooms, and perhaps put idealism on the backburner if the reality of the situation is that children and others will be frightened. In other words, tolerance, respect and common sense should take precedence over idealism.

Um… you don’t think we are already careful? Maybe she was using this dressing room because she knew that the admin and facilities actually supported and recognized her right to be there (as they clearly did)?

But I’m curious as to why the respect and ‘common sense’ has to be enacted by trans people and not cis people. Is it not more respectful, tolerant, and in keeping in common sense that trans people’s humanity be recognized and their rights upheld?

Obviously your answer would be no, because you are an atrocious human being.