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i've read this three times and i still don't know what the fuck it is about

[Asian America: Confusion from Within, Abroad, and Why Observations 8Asians.com](http://www.8asians.com/2012/12/31/asian-america-confusion-from-within-abroad-and-why/)

You know what I hate almost more than anything? Posts like this. Which concludes with this line:

quit making asinine assumptions and start asking more questions before you start judging America.

and the post is allegedly addressing some economist article asking whether or not Asian americans exist. The economist article mostly just mentions demographics and the wide diversity amongst Asians.

But this response? Isn’t actually about that. What it is about, I couldn’t say because it is incoherent.

highlights, though, are this:

“Filipinos aren’t Asian, they aren’t connected to the mainland”

Yikes. Lol. But. Yeah, I’m not surprised that some would say this.

One thing that boggled the mind was:

The legacy of such responses are still present today, when Asian America will have a dozen reactions (including apathy) to issues of race, such as with the two very different situations of the films Red Dawn (its remake specifically) and Cloud Atlas: people can decry racism for Red Dawn, and it definitely has stronger overtones of xenophobia and bigotry, but Cloud Atlas, people automatically think that any use of yellow face is wrong and should have Asian actors (it does) instead, without thinking critically and realizing that that was part of the movie’s themes of reincarnation across multiple cultures, and was advocating for diversity.

What? I, mean, yeah, okay I don’t really expect consensus from any group on any topic.

But… most of the peole I’ve seen have said both movies were racist.

And that comment about cloud atlas advocating for diversity….. but why was the yellow face necessary, then? Because. They could have just used the white actors without the yellow face. I mean… what? Or maybe they could have used Asians to play white characters.

There is no real way to advocate ‘diversity’ when all you are doing is re-asserting the notion that white = default human.