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ive largely missed the discussion

But that one comment directed to Riley about how christians (of all colours!) have been oppressing white Jewish people for *centuries* is making me more mad than I can say.

It is some extremely fucked up shit to tell people who christianity was forced on and shoved down our fucking throats that we are responsible or complicit in the christian oppression of Jewish people.

Those centuries you are talking about? Is the time when white people, very much like yourselves, were in the process of destroying cultures, committing genocides, enslaving people, and being all around shit bags.

And you are saying that at this same time that the christian missionary asshats of various churches were participating in colonizing and destroying cultures the world over, that at this exact time, christian Blacks/Asians/Mexicans/Indigenous peoples everywhere/etc were involved in the oppression of white Jewish people?

Fuck you forever.