i dream of being possible

its funny how my identity is an opinion

been thinking about a certain professor who claims that using the most accurate pronoun for me is being forced to speak lies.

he doesn’t agree with my ideology.

he doesn’t agree with my ‘opinion’ that i am nonbinary

(whatever that means)

being bakla in this world is a funny thing (no really)

i’ve read a spaniards ‘opinion’ – from 4 hundred years ago – that i’m a witch.

i’ve read an anthropology textbook that says the spaniards killed all of me

its a textbook. it must be right.


this means that, no, in fact, indeed, i don’t exist.

that insisting that i exist is merely to state an opinion.

using they would be a violation of human rights

(even as my ancestors whisper siya in my ear)

i am not a person. i am ideology made flesh.

a monstrous creature with cyborg tits and a phallus more powerful than any other.

i’m a witch and to do anything but burn me is heresy.