i dream of being possible

it is interesting i watched one documentary about

it is interesting

i watched one documentary about the environment

the only one i can remember

that pointed out that should the dystopian future of environmental collapse actually happen

the people most likely to survive are those who are, more or less, already living in those conditions (the people living in the dystopian future right now). and, pretty much, the people living in this reality are all IaoPoC.

and it is super interesting that in all these dystopian works, it is almost always just white people who survive.

which is, really, the most unlikely thing.

the people already living in their dystopian futures, the people who’ve already seen their lands invaded by heartless outsiders, who’ve had their civilizations ground to dust, who’ve been living in those ruins, are these people going to notice a significant change in the quality of their life?


and these are the people who will survive. because. they already are.