i dream of being possible

it has finally dawned on me we need the trans


Many of us TPoC have essentially washed our hands of the trans* community because of its glaring whiteness problem.

And I want something else to call us and name or identity that will allows us a short form of recognizing each other and where we stand with this (something beyond the more individual labels… I guess we TPoC umbrella term that isn’t trans*)

And I want it to be similar to womanism (how womanism states straight up that women of colour will stand with men of colour).

Similarly, I want a TPoC movement that makes it clear that I will stand with cis people of colour. And that I will stand with them before I stand with any white trans* person.

I want a movement of trans* and gender variant people of colour that focuses on what we need, centres our voices, and essentially side steps the issue of being included in the trans* movement.

Because I really do not see the point in seeking inclusion in a movement that can only remember that we exist when they want to elevate themselves on our dead.

I want to stop using the word ‘trans’ (not that I use it all that much) and I want something else that we can use.



Is having our own umbrella term even desirable?