i dream of being possible

it always amazes me

i don’t really believe that my last anon is Brown.

but assuming they were…


i’ve said a billion times that general consensus on this stuff is not

desirable. consensus politics are for white ppl.

we are not a monolith. i’m not here to tell anyone how they should think

about anything.

not that i actually said or gave permission for

‘white ppl to be/id as nonbinary’

i was asked a question: is it possible for white ppl to be nonbinary

without appropriating from poc.

anon’s response is “no.” totally fair.

my response was: i don’t know. So far, white ppl have largely failed

to do so.

what i did say is that: ur gender id is your gender id. this is true. the

words you use and how you frame your gender, is a different matter.

the way I approach all of this is noting that the ‘binary’ is a white

supremacist construction. this means, to me at least, that all iaopoc are

technically outside of the binary. the binary is an external imposition on

our cultures, not inherent.

i no longer frame my gender as being ‘nonbinary’ because it reifies a

white supremacist framing of my gender. my gender does not gain coherence

or validity when defined in relationship to a white supremacist construct.

so, yeah, i’ll use ‘third gender’ for reclamation purposes, but not as a

‘nonbinary’ identity.

if ur a poc who ids as nonbinary and doesn’t want white ppl using it, i’ll

support that.

but i’m also standing pretty firm that understanding iaopoc genders as

either binary or nonbinary is unhelpful at best.