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is race a *stupid* idea?

[Leonard Pitts: Race is the stupidest idea in history Leonard Pitts SanLuisObispo.com](http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/12/29/2340254/leonard-pitts-race-is-the-stupidest.html).

For the most part… I didn’t find this article all that bad. But I have real issues with this:

Race is the stupidest idea in history. It is also, arguably, the most powerful. It determines who goes to jail and who goes to college, who gets loans and who gets rejections, who gets the job and who gets the unemployment check. It determines the life you live and the assumptions that are made about you.

I’m unclear how you can attribute the idea of racism to stupidity, just before you list a lot of the structural things that exist to elevate one race over another.

The author even writes at one point that

Again, race persists because race is useful. If you want to end race, stop allowing race to be useful. Consider some of the political debates of the recent past and note how issues with no obvious racial component soon end up being about race.

Race isn’t stupid because it is useful. It was created to be useful.

I also really dislike the ways that the author leaves ambiguous here.

Who should stop ‘allowing’ race to be useful? White people? Black people? Who?

To whom is race useful? Who actually uses it?

Who are the agents involved with its creation, maintanence, and employment?

white people