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is hate transitive

Also about my feelings about having anon on for months with little-to-no hate. 

I don’t talk with that many people on tumblr. But some of the people who I do talk to have large followings and are vocal. I always try my best to show up and collect when necessary. 

I do what I can and there are pretty much no consequences for doing so. None. Or, at least, I’ve yet to encounter any. This might partially be because I refuse to engage a certain group of people because, in this case, I feel that I’m allowed to protect myself. 

But my experiences have really taught me that showing up and standing with people, collecting your own people is something that people just need to suck up and do. And I’m not talking about spoons or anything, everyone has the right to take care of themselves and engage in ways they are able. This is not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being afraid that the hate other people are getting will carry over to you, if you speak up. 

I understand these feelings, a lot. I get a lot of anxiety over confrontation because of how my dad was abusive. Because for a long time, I survived by never confronting people directly, it was the best option for me while I was growing up. 

My experience has so far taught me that being afraid that the hate *other* people are getting will be redirected to you if you speak up is a not a good excuse for not showing up, provided you have the ability to do so. If this fear is the only thing that keeps you silent and holds your tongue…

Well. Um. Yeah.